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Heavensgate: Hope

Heavensgate: Hope

Book excerpt

Heavensgate is a fantasy Realm where the line between the living and the dead is erased. This is the place where Jacob and his alter ego, Jake, begin the battle for their soul.

This is where the true face of Hope is revealed.

The Heavensgate series was conceived in a nightmare - I was trapped under thick ice, my nails torn and bleeding from scrabbling at the surface, I was drowning, my freezing body taken by strong under currents.

I died while the people I had believed loved me, danced on the ice above my head, cheering with joy.

So far as nightmares go I’d place this at number one on my personal ´´terror monitor´´, but as Heavensgate’s main protagonist, Jacob, would say, ‘That’s dreams for you.’

Since that night, the story of Jacob and his alter ego, Jake, has insisted on being written, thereby filling my days and my dreams for the past three years.

This supernatural, psychological thriller is sometimes frightening and cruel but it is a story interwoven with dark humour, great music, eroticism and hope.

In Book 1, Heavensgate (Hope) young Jacob, traumatised by the death of his family in a blaze which he started, begins his traumatic journey to Heavensgate.

At the cemetery he encounters the immortal, Hope, where she, afraid that his innocent heart will break and kill him, steals it to keep him safe.
Hope’s intentions are good, but from that day forward Jacob suffers a lonely life coloured by abuse and unbearable grief.

His fragile psyche crumbles under the relentless power of his foster father, Big Al, a Darth Vader impersonator, and his foster mother, Mary, a woman who loves him more than she should. Even school is a place of danger.

As an adult, Jacob lives in Heavensgate, where, unable to put his traumatic past behind him he faces the further loss of his wife and son and spirals into the madness that threatened to claim him all his life.

Struggling with his split personality, unable to understand the difference between realty and dreams, Jacob lives surrounded by spirits with both good and bad intentions toward him.

Perhaps the best way to introduce Heavensgate’s lead man, Jacob, aka Jake, is to interview him.
What’s your name?
Jacob Andersen. However, Doc believes that I have multiple personalities. I think he’s trying to explain the inexplicable but he does look after me when life gets too much to bear.

Doc got his medical qualifications free from a packet of Wheaty Flakes breakfast cereal. I don’t trust him.

Don’t listen, that’s Jake taking. If he’s real he’s most surely insane and dangerous so, please keep your distance. He’s killed before. He enjoys it.

Aren’t you and Jake both one and the same fictional character? 

Hell no, I’m as real as you. Jake, however, is probably fictional. I can’t be sure about him.

You’ll discover how fkg real I am, jerk-off, when you wake up screaming.

What should we know about you, Jacob?

I’m an ordinary man with the misfortune to be orphaned and quite possibly twice widowed. I’ve also lost my son, Tom.
Other than all that, I’m just trying to stay sane; survive and escape the ghosts that haunt me.

Shut the fk up, Jacob, for shit’s sake. No fkr cares about your girly whining.

If you want to learn about Heavensgate you need to ignore Jacob, he’s a waste of skin. 

This series is about me, Jake, the supposedly psychotic, sex -crazed alter -ego; the doer of Saint Jacob’s dirty deeds; his fall guy. 

Jacob is an insignificant, yellow streak of chicken shit who, presently, but not for much fkg longer, occupies the driving seat of my mind.

When and where is your story set, Jacob?

Part one of our story ends in 2015 in a place called Heavensgate the closest town is St Johns.

Get real, time means nothing here, even the sun, the moon and the four seasons do what the fk they please. 
Whatever Jacob says to you, makes no difference anyway, everyone here is trapped out of space and time. 
Look, Heavensgate’s a place you need a fkg bad miracle to end up in. It’s a living hell that the Beast and the sanctifkgmonius Angels say I can never leave. Well, you’ll see how I’ll put that to the test. 

I sincerely apologise for Jake’s language and shitty attitude. I do my best control him.
I reside in the Lodge at the edge of the pine forest, on the shore of Lake Disregard, surrounded by the Alolejos Mountains.
It can be difficult to get away from here, but I think I managed it once or twice, long ago. However, leaving town is more difficult lately. In fact, I worry that I may be here for all eternity.

You are such a little ray of sunshine, Jacob. Tell the truth for once. When you, the bleeding-heart pussy, need a break from fun lovin’ ole me, which is often, we leave Heavensgate and go to live in Doc’s fkg Psychiatric Unit.

What do you ultimately want, Jacob?
I want my wife and son to come home.
I want the cops off my back. I never, ever, killed anyone.
I want Hope to stay and comfort me.
I want the Forbidden Room open only when I’m ready.
I also very much want the ghosts and Jake to go away, and, OK, I admit it, I’m desperate for the pink Cadillac to stop its drive-by hauntings. That car gives me the creeps.
If all of the above fails, I want to kill myself and that psycho, Jake.
The problem is that I think I may already be dead.
I’m sick and tired of telling you that you’re not fkg dead, Jacob.
What about what I want?
I want to get out of this hell hole. 
I want to torture that bitch, Hope, who stole our fkg heart; who stood by and watched us being abused; raped and accused of crimes I did not commit.
I want Jacob to remember what he fkg did to me in that fire, what he did to the kid, Jacky, and to everyone else skulking around in this shit hole Jacob calls his mind.
Ultimately, I want total control of the body and soul that fkg belong to me!
What’s standing in your way of getting what you both want?  
Jake, because he’s a murdering s.o.b. who’s trying to steal my mind and open the Forbidden Book.
Then there are the ghosts…
No. I can’t think about it all right now, it hurts my head. I need Doc.
I have to sleep.
Stop asking questions.
Go away.
Jacob is in my way. 
He barbequed our family.
He gave our heart to that icy bitch, Hope.
He hid our memories in the Locked Room. 
He set the bad Judge on us and …
the crazy bastard tried to kill me!
Jacob will pay in blood and tears for every damn wound he’s inflicted on my soul.
Hope will die.

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GENRE: Paranormal fantasy
PRINT LENGTH: 226 pages
PUBLICATION DATE: January 8th, 2016
ISBN-10: 1523356081
ISBN-13: 978-1523356089
FORMAT: Kindle, paperback

Excerpt from the book

My name is Jacob, but Mom calls me her Wacky Jacky because she says I am her funny little man. I don’t feel funny today though, I feel scared.
I am seven and three quarter years old and I am standing in the pouring rain with a lot of people I do not know. Mom always says, ‘If you don’t know them from Adam, son, don’t talk to them.’ So I don’t. I’m not sure if this is ‘stranger danger’ like Dad says or not, but I am on red alert.

My horrible new, shiny black, lace-up shoes are slowly sinking in the brown grassy mud. My face is cold, but my hands are all hot and wet from being held by two grown ups that Uncle Jim says are here especially for me. They are the Child Care Ladies and they are both fat. This is yuk, holding hands is sissy.

These stupid socks are new too, they are too big, they are ‘you will grow into them’ socks. I won’t. I will hide them under the bed instead. I don’t know why the two fat ladies even bothered to put my feet in these socks, they are long and white like girls’ socks and they are slipping down in my shoes.

I am bored with it all, I want to play jump in the puddles instead.

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