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Brian L. Porter

Brian L. Porter

Author biography

Bestselling author Brian L Porter holds a rather unique distinction in that his 12 (yes, twelve), Amazon bestsellers to date have been achieved under not one or two, but three different pseudonyms.

SashaSheba, From Hell to HappinessAfter Armageddon, and its bestselling Italian translation Dopo L’Armageddon and Lest We Forget all carry the Brian L. Porter name, Charlie the Caterpillar, Alistair the Alligator and Wolf are published as Harry Porter and his romantic poetry collection, Of Aztecs and Conquistadors, is written as Juan Pablo Jalisco. Avenue of the Dead recently topped the Amazon Free Books category during a weeklong free promotion.
Winner of the Preditors & Editors Best Nonfiction Readers Poll Award 2017, and 4th place winner in the Top 50 Best Indie Books 2017, bestseller Sheba: From Hell to Happiness is the sequel to Sasha, a no-holds barred true-life story of the  author’s dog, Sheba,  severely abused, used a bait dog by dog fighters, and finally thrown on a rubbish tip and left to die, a barely living skeleton. Her survival, slow and at times painful recovery and eventual happiness as a much-loved pet are told in this no-holds-barred dog rescue story, complete with terrific photo images of Sheba’s life with the author. Sheba: From Hell to Happiness attained the almost unprecedented distinction of achieving bestseller status on the very first day it was made available for preorders, some three weeks before its actual release.
Winner of The Preditors & Editors Readers Poll Award for Nonfiction Books, 2016, Amazon UK bestseller Sasha was a departure from the norm for the author. This true-life story relates the life story of Sasha, the author's own very special 'miracle dog' whose bravery and fortitude in the face of numerous adversities including the terrible affliction of epilepsy has made her an inspiration to many dog owners around the world. As well as its place as a UK bestseller, Sasha has so far been a Top Ten bestseller in Australia, Canada and France and with over 200 worldwide five star reviews already, plus a 7th place finish in the Best Indie Book, 2016, Awards, this is a book not to be missed. Such is her popularity that Sasha has her own Facebook page at

After Armageddon, an eclectic short story collection featuring a number of post-apocalyptic tales including Toxic Bitch, After Armageddon and Red Sky in the Morning, as well as tales of murder, mayhem and even a hint of romance, contains a guest story from horror author Carole Gill, who Brian is currently collaborating with on an another work which is featured later in this biography. Mention must be made of the story The Voice of Anton Bouchard, a chilling novelette length story set in Paris, one long, hot summer, a real page turner with a double twist in the tale!

To achieve bestseller status is always a significant achievement for an author, but to do it under three different names is something special and quite a testament to the author’s skills. In addition, Brian’s thriller and mystery novels regularly achieve Top Ten rankings at Amazon in both the USA and UK in one of the largest and most difficult categories in which to achieve success.

As for his thrillers, his new series of mystery novels based in his ancestral home town of Liverpool, The Mersey Mysteries are achieving wonderful success and have succeeded in expanding the author’s fan base exponentially.

The first in the series, A Mersey Killing, set against a backdrop of the early 1960’s music scene in Liverpool, has developed something of a cult following, with some superb reviews to cement the book’s popularity. Second in the series, All Saints, Murder on the Mersey is following in the footsteps of A Mersey Killing, with some terrific reviews already received for the book. The third book in the series, A Mersey Maiden is the latest release in the series which will soon be followed by the fourth in the series, A Mersey Mariner, which will surely further enhance the reputation of this series of books, all set in and around the city of Liverpool, on the River Mersey.

His other thrillers include:
 Purple Death, (A serial poisoner at work in leafy Richmond-on-Thames).
 Behind Closed Doors, (A serial killer strikes at young women on the original London Underground Railway in 1888)
 Glastonbury, (A search for the fabled sword of King Arthur is not quite as it at first appears to Joe Cutler and his team)
 Kiss of Life, (A modern day thriller based on the old vampire legends of Transylvania) 
Avenue of the Dead, (A serial killer strikes in Mexico City. Mutilated bodies are dumped in the old ruined city of Teotihuacan amid fears of modern day human sacrifice)
 The Nemesis Cell, (A chilling tale of multiple murder, illegal human cloning and a police investigation spanning continents)
Pestilence, (A gripping Cold War conspiracy thriller as a small English village is struck down by an outbreak of pneumonic plague. With links to secret experiments during World War Two, it soon becomes a case of breathe…if you dare)

All of the above followed his original Jack the Ripper trilogy, A Study in Red, Legacy of the Ripper and Requiem for the Ripper.
Look out also for a new short story collection, A Meeting of Minds, a joint short story collection of Sci-fi and Horror short stories from Brian and bestselling horror author, Carole Gill.

In another new direction, Brian has co-written a new historical fiction novel with U.S author, Diana Rubino, who wrote to Brian asking if he’d care to contribute to her new book by creating an unusual serial killer to feature as a back story to her hew novel. Look out for Sharing Hamilton, by Diana Rubino and Brian L. Porter which will feature his newest serial killer creation, the charming, handsome and very deadly Doctor Severus Black.
2017 has brought new success to Brian's work, with Sheba: From Hell to Happiness having been placed 1st in the Non-fiction category and 4th overall in The Top Fifty Best Indie Books of 2017.
In the same awards, A Mersey Mariner was 1st in the Crime category and 14th overall.
2016 saw Brian win The Preditors & Editors & Editors Readers Award for Nonfiction Books with Sasha, which also won its category and achieved an overall 7th place finish in The Top 50 Best Indie Books of 2016.
Brian was also the winner of the Preditors & Editors Readers Award for Best Author, 2009, and A Study in Red won the P & E Best Thriller award 2008.
As Juan Pablo Jalisco he won the P & E Best Poet Award in 2008 and as Harry Porter, won the Best Children’s Book award in 2009 for Tilly’s Tale, soon to be republished by Creativia. 2010 saw Brian pick up a double award with Requiem for the Ripper winning the P & E Readers award for Best Thriller, whilst Glastonbury picked up the award for Best Mystery Novel.
Many of his book covers have won awards for their designs.
As previously mentioned, Sasha has been nominated for the 2016 Indie Book Awards, as has All Saints, Murder on the Mersey.
For Children
As Harry Porter, all of Brian’s children’s books contain not only fun stories for both parents and children to share but also carry an educational aspect to them, with lessons to be learned about life, friendship and the world around us. 
A Touch of Romance
Some years ago, during a difficult time in his life, Brian crossed the world and spent some time in Mexico where he fell in love with the country, the people, the history and culture of the country. On his return to the UK, he persona of Mexican poet Juan Pablo Jalisco was born, and created the romantic and highly evocative poetry collection, Of Aztecs and Conquistadors, a number one bestseller in the USA, UK, and Canada. This superb collection won the author the Preditors & Editors Best Poet Award in 2008.
Brian is also a screenwriter and co-producer for ThunderBall Films, and all his books are signed to a franchise deal which will eventually see them adapted for the screen, either for the big screen or for television. Together with ThunderBall CEO Mario Domina, he is the co-creator, co-producer and screenwriter of a new Docu-Drama series, Jack the Ripper, Reality and Myth, currently in development.
And finally
When not writing, Brian lives at home with his wife and two step-daughters and their ten rescued dogs. Avid dog lovers and rescuers, Brian and his wife devote all of their spare time to caring for their ten extra family members who all share their home and their lives.
For the full list of Brian L. Porter’s books, including his pre-Creativia days, see his Amazon author page at
Or for his Harry Porter titles,
Juan Pablo Jalisco’s Of Aztecs & Conquistadors is at
See his Facebook page (as Harry Porter) at
And find Sasha’s own Facebook page at
Brian also has a blog: Sasha and Harry, Books, Dogs and Stuff at

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Author's note: After Armageddon

After Armageddon owes much of its inspiration to the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Many people are surprised to learn that in addition to his famous Sherlock Holmes stories, Conan Doyle was also a prolific short story writer. He wrote hundreds of short stories and many are contained in a wonderful anthology that sits on my bookshelf at home. I often pick it up and read one or two, just to remind myself what a genius the man was. They’re not all crime stories either, which may surprise some people, but this is about my anthology and not the works of Conan Doyle, as great as they were.

For me, writing short stories was part of my transition from being a full time poet to becoming a fully-fledged novelist, and I was fortunate that most of my shorts were picked up for publication in many online and print publications and magazines. My stories became something of a proving ground for me, a way of discovering if I had the will (and the ability) to go on and write full length novels. They also gave me an opportunity to try my hand at writing in various genres, and like Conan Doyle I wrote them for the sheer fun of the exercise.

One of the stories in the collection, Toxic Bitch, was commissioned especially for an anthology entitled Ladies & Gentlemen of Horror (2011) and it was my involvement with that publication that brought me into close contact with fellow author Carole Gill, who was gracious enough to accept an invitation to include one of her short horror stories in After Armageddon.

There’s something for everyone in After Armageddon, from post-apocalyptic tales of horror to science fiction and crime thrillers, and in one story, a touch of romance too.

Author's note: Behind Closed Doors

My Victorian murder mystery was a true labour of love. Initially commissioned and published by a now defunct publishing house before being picked up and republished by Creativia, Behind Closed Doors really does owe much to the inimitable style of the Great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I wanted to try to re-create the sighs, sounds and smells of Victorian London, and the majority of readers appear to suggest I’ve succeeded in my mission. A great deal of research was necessary to ‘create’ the scenes on the original Metropolitan Underground Railway, the forerunner of today’s London Underground ‘Tube’ system.

Nobody could hope to match or to copy the style or the character of the great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, so I made my detectives far more down to earth, with Inspector Albert Norris living in his neat little home with his wife and a small terrier, and his assistant, Sergeant Dylan Hillman, a single man living alone but with a great bond of friendship and request for Norris, who habitually refers to Hillman as his “Old chum.”

Together, the pair are a formidable force in the fight against crime and work together in solving the despicable murders on the underground railway, rather than Norris doing all the work while Hillman sits back applauding him.

So, although inspired by Conan Doyle and his works, Behind Closed Doors is very much my own, and its success is perhaps best marked by the number of readers who in their reviews actually seem to believe this is a true story; that the underground murders really did take place at the time of the Jack the Ripper killings and were covered up by the authorities.

No author of fiction can hope for more.

Lorna Read

Lorna Read

Helen T. Norwood

Helen T. Norwood